What’s in a name?

When attending a Junior League of Omaha event, if you say Megan or Sarah, you will likely have several ladies turn around because 9% of our Active and New Members have one of these two names!

Sarah or Sara is one of the oldest names in existence and has remained popular over time.  During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the name held single digit popularity. It is almost surprising that we only have 3 Sarah’s who are Sustainers in the Junior League of Omaha. 

Hello my name is Sarah

Megan or Meghan only arrived on the American naming charts in 1952. The name dominated in the 1980s and 1990s and averaged at 15 but never made it into the top five names in a given year. Currently, no Sustaining members are named Megan but due to the popularity in the 1990s, it is likely that we will have many more Megans in the years to came.

Hello my name is Megan

The most popular name in the Junior League of Omaha is MARY! Active members named Mary, all use their middle names. (Mary Lynn, Mary Jane and Mary Claire). In the last one hundred years, Mary was the #1 name forty two times. It also made the Top 5 for twelve yearss dropping off the charts in 1968.

The Top names in the Junior League of Omaha

  1. Mary
  2. Kate or Katherine or Kathleen or Kathryn or Katie or Catherine or Cathy or Catie
  3. Jennifer
  4. Christine or Christina or Kristen or Kristi or Christina or Christy
  5. Ann or Anne or Annie or Annette
  6. Susan or Suzann or Suzanne or Sue
  7. Sarah or Sara
  8. Amy or Aimee or Amie
  9. Barbara
  10. Megan or Meghan

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