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Joey Gaines

Congratulations to Joey for being named 2014 TOYO (Ten Outstanding Young Omahans) Recipient.

Tell us about your family?

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Adam, for 17 years.  We have 5 kids:  Jack 15, Lucy 14, Vivien 11, Jay 10, Eddie 9.  We are a foster family and three of our kids were adopted from the foster system.


Of course I have pets J  We have Tex, a dog I brought home from an ultrasound training class in Texas, Tinkerbell, a Chihuahua a client begged me to take, and Scarlett, a cat we were given to take care of when she was 3 days old.


I grew up in Omaha until the beginning of high school, when we moved to Salina, Kansas.

CollegeKansas State for both undergrad and veterinary school

Sorority: Delta Delta Delta

Job/Business:  Owner and veterinarian at Ridgeview Animal Hospital, owner at Walnut Creek Veterinary Clinic

Joey Gaines Photo 3

Why did you join the Junior League?

I joined the Junior League of Omaha to learn more about agencies serving the Omaha community and to become an active volunteer.

What was your favorite placement and why?

I have loved both of my committees!  I became very involved in A Book of My Own as a new member and continued on that committee for two active years.  I love the busy work and the impact it has on individual lives in our community.  Now on Done-In-A-Day, it is great to get out in the community and do work!  I feel I have been placed right where I belong all of my years in the League so far.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life?

My husband owned a restaurant while I was in veterinary school.  On February 14, 1998, it burned down.  This was a trial and a blessing.  We learned how to get through a tragedy together, with some rough moments.  We also were then freed up to move wherever we wanted after I graduated.

What is your favorite thing about living in Omaha? 

I love the small town feel with all of the opportunities.  My kids are able to go to public schools and get a great education.   We enjoy all of the family fun options – the zoo, Fontenelle Forest, the Joslyn Art Museum and the Durham – so much to do!

What are your favorite restaurant(s) in Omaha? 

I tend not to stray very far from where I live and work, but anytime I get to the Benson area, I don’t miss the chance to eat at Pizza Shoppe!  I had to get new tires on my 1975 Volkswagen bus in Benson last Friday and made sure to get my pizza on my way home

Joey Gaines Photo 2


What other organizations are you affiliated with?

I am past board member and president of the Nebraska Academy of Veterinary medicine.  I am currently the district director for the Nebraska Veterinary Medicine Association.  I am an active foster parent for NFC/Boys Town.  I lead a bible study small group for our church.  I am trying to get involved with the Delta Delta Delta alumni chapter by starting as the philanthropy adviser.

What is your favorite song? 

My most memorable song is What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes.  I was jogging to that song when my vet school acceptance letter arrived.  I like listening to the Beatles, The Script, and Pink on Pandora.

What is your strongest talent?

I don’t think I have a talent.  I’m really good at maintaining family tradition and managing a busy household.  That wouldn’t do well in a Miss America contest though!

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?  Day off?

What is your favorite season and why?

I most enjoy summer because we always take a family vacation in the summer.  Last summer we drove to the Grand Canyon, hiked to the bottom, camped in tents for two nights, and hiked out.  The car trip and the Canyon experience were amazing.  I love building memories with my kids!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Number one on my bucket list is Egypt.  There are many places I look forward to visiting, but I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids in person.  I hope to take each child on one overseas trip before they move out of the house, so maybe that will be one of the locations we get to see.

What is your favorite book or the last good book you read?

I love most anything historical fiction.  I am currently reading Edward Rutherford’s London.  I read his book, New York, and loved it.

What is your favorite all-time movie?

I am a huge fan of Gone With the Wind.  My cat, Scarlett, and my daughter, Vivien, are named in honor of Vivien Leigh and her character in the movie.

What is your favorite television show?

I don’t get to watch t.v!  I am the carpool mom from after school until bedtime.  I used to love Alias (Jennifer Garner) and have caught a couple episodes of The Blacklist, which is similar.  If I could, I would watch it every week!

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know?  Right now, it would be that I had a midlife “epiphany” and sold my car to purchase my 1975 Volkswagen bus.  His name is Elmo and he is not a cold weather guy.  I’ve been borrowing my husband’s car in the morning to stay warm for carpool.  I’m looking forward to warm weather when I can drive him around with the windows down and the oldies playing loudly on the radio.

What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?

I enjoy running for the peace and exercise.  I also love any outdoor activities with the kids, especially kayaking on Zorinsky, canoeing or paddleboating at Okoboji, or hiking and exploring anywhere we go.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I would split into two people to get more done every day!  I want 24 hours to parent, 24 hours to practice veterinary medicine and surgery, and 24 hours to volunteer.  And then a couple of hours for date nights with my husband, too!

Joey Gaines Photo 3

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my family.  My personal accomplishments of opening businesses and serving in the community are most important as an example to my kids.  I hope they are all being raised to be self-sufficient, responsible, and to serve their community.

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