Planning The 1935 Follies



Arthur Seeling, left, and Wesley Totten, both of New York, meet with Junior League members Mrs. H Malcom Baldrige, seated, and Mrs. Loring Elliott, standing to the left, and Mrs. Bernard Wickham, standing to the right, to discuss plans for the 1935 Follies at the Central High School Auditorium. Junior Leagues across the country partnered with Cargill Company to produce Follies-style shows in the 1920s and 30s to raise money.

The Cargill Company would send an advance team to Omaha to scout locations, audition League members and produce the show from their pool of choreographers and linguists. After tow weeks of intense rehearsal, the Junior League cast would put on the Follies. Revenue grew from netting a reported $3,000 in 1920 to around $17,000 in the final years.

Reprinted with permission from the Omaha World-Herald. This photo was part of the history in the 2006 Toast to Omaha A Cookbook Presented by the Junior League of Omaha.

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