Connecting the Community – Done-In-A-Day is Back

Seeds We’ve Sown: Done-In-A-Day is Back

Done-In-A-Day is a former Junior League of Omaha project that is being reborn this year.  The goal of this new project is to get in touch with organizations that JLO has worked with in its storied history, exposing members to these organizations, and getting project shifts done in a day!  This mission is two-fold.  First, it reconnects JLO with partners from the League’s past to celebrate the League’s contributions to the Omaha community as JLO approaches its 100th Anniversary in 2019.  Second, it allows members to interact and learn more about these great organizations while performing community service.  This year, Done-In-A-Day has scheduled project shifts with the Visiting Nurses Association, Rainbow House with Children’s Hospital, the Omaha Symphony, Fontenelle Forest, the Rose Theater, and more.

Done-In-A-Day Chair Joey Gaines is the member responsible for bringing this great project back to the League.  As a first year active, I am blown away by Joey’s dedication to JLO, initiative to rejuvenate a past project, and sheer excitement about the whole thing.  I decided the best way to introduce this great project was to speak to the project’s fearless leader herself.

Why was bringing back DIAD important to you? 

I joined the Junior League to make an impact in the community.  We already have great projects that serve huge needs, but I wanted to get more involved face-to-face with service organizations.  I felt the community should see us out in action and we should see what other organizations are doing in our city.

Done-In-A-Day is not a new project, but its return is not without changes.  You’ve recreated Done-In-A-Day so that the League is now providing volunteers for local organizations instead of creating and hosting our own events for them.  What are you looking forward to most about this change in the project?

We had our first project shift this past weekend with the Visiting Nurse Association and they were so excited to have the League’s help.  We were able to make their event easier to run and staff because of our presence.  The change makes it so these organizations don’t have to plan and help us, but we get to step in and make their events easier.

How do you personally think this change will impact the project shifts overall?

I think many JLO members want to get out and make a difference.  A Book of My Own and Project Hope Pack have a huge impact, but with less physical involvement in the community.  This is an outlet for our members to be active in the community aspect of a project.

Is there an organization that you are looking forward to working with the most?

I have never been to the symphony in Omaha or done any projects for or with them.  I have never been to the Holland Center.  So, I’m excited for my first exposure to these during the symphony event on October 26.

Stay tuned for more about the Done-In-A-Day projects.  If you’re a JLO member interested in signing up for a shift, watch the Hot Sheet for details about dates and times! If you are a Omaha organization that would like to be considered for a Done-In-A-Day project, please email

Connection Contributor - Meghan Bothe

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