Member Spotlight – Sammi Kaiser

Our member spotlight series features one of our current active members and their contributions to the League and our community. First up is Sammi Kaisser, 2019-2020 Nominating Chair.

Sammi grew up in Woodland Park, CO and is a mountain girl at heart. Pikes Peak is in her parents’ backyard and she love visiting the mountains.

She was the Rotary Southern Colorado Athlete of the Year her senior year. Her two sports were basketball and volleyball – she was a guard in basketball and averaged 10 points a game!

Sammi is currently working her dream job as the Director of the Academic and Career Development Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Connecting students to opportunities is her passion and she feels fortunate to get to do it her job every day! Her most recent work-related endeavor is finishing up her final degree. She is set to graduate with her PhD in Educational Leadership and Higher Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this August!

She met her husband Steve in college at UNL. People joked, and still do joke, that they are a lot alike. In fact, they share three of the same top five CliftonStrengths (Woo, Positivity and Includer).

Finally, Sammi loves being a mom to two kids Will and Whitney. Will is a construction loving three year-old who is fearless at the pool and likes to catch bugs. Whitney is a six-month old sweetheart who just started solid foods and loves her big brother.  

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