Tip the Fundraising Scale with TAGG by Guest Blogger Katy Spratte

The Junior League of Omaha supports this vibrant community through countless volunteer hours, amazing fundraisers, and women and child-focused projects and scholarships. As a first year active in the League, I am thrilled to be able to present a great new fundraising option for our membership. That opportunity is through a local start up, called Together A Greater Good (TAGG). TAGG is an app that empowers users to support local nonprofits just by visiting participating businesses. That’s right, visit a participating business, TAGG a purchase, and the business will donate 5 percent of your purchase to the cause of your choice.

During the first month of being live on TAGG, the Junior League of Omaha has already raised $16.79. Six active league members have TAGGed so far, and I’m really excited to see what our whole group can accomplish. Those who have TAGGed have done so at Blue Sushi, Plank Seafood & Provisions, Beansmith Coffee Roasters, Railcar Modern American Kitchen, Bliss Boutique, Newman’s Pasta Cafe, Everbloom Floral & Gift, and Smoothie King. There are about 130 local businesses that are participating partners in TAGG, and will donate to causes of your choice. Additionally, the first $1,000 raised each month through the app is automatically matched by the 88 Restaurant Group, so that 5 percent donation is actually 10 percent at the beginning go the month.

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 It’s easy to see how simply frequenting TAGG businesses, that many of us already visit, can really add up to major funds for a worthwhile organization. Please consider downloading “Together A Greater Good” app today, and choosing to support the Junior League of Omaha without spending an extra dime. TAGGing a purchase takes about 30 seconds, watch this video tutorial. Start TAGGing today!
–Katy Spratte

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Why did you join Junior League? To positively impact my community and meet new people
Tell us about your family? They are highly entertaining. My little brother is a Division I hockey player and lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan, where he enjoys rocking a euro mullet; I hope it’s just a phase. My parents reside in Rochester, Minnesota, where my mom works for the Mayo Clinic and my Dad owns a Dairy Queen. Now that they are empty nesters, they have a better social life than me.
Pets: Technically, Molly the black lab is my boyfriend’s pet, but she likes me better.
Hometown: Rochester, MN also known as “Rocking Roch”
College: Creighton University
Job: Research and Marketing Assistant at the Asthma and Allergy Center in Bellevue
Favorite restaurants in town: J Coco, Twisted Cork, and Dixie Quicks (though that is technically in Iowa but don’t remind me)
Where would you like to travel? Anywhere in the world: I would love to do a cooking and wine tour through Italy first, but I have a travel list about 50 countries long.
What is the most recent book you read? I just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand #bookclub
What is your favorite TV Show? Game. Of. Thrones.
What is your favorite activity? Am I allowed to put brunching here?
If you had a super power, what would it be? Zack Morris time out power for all you 90’s kids

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